Mandy White

Hi! I’m Mandy (or M.K. as my international crowd calls me). 

To say that traveling is a passion of mine is an understatement. Raised by example with parents that are keen for adventure, I live, breathe and dream to wander. From zip lining the rainforests of Costa Rica to living and working on yachts in the Adriatic Sea, to me traveling is about the journey, the excitement and the unexpected. Being well traveled to 27 countries and counting, every place I visit has some hold on me. The “favorite” is where I have not been yet.

The first step is always the hardest. Let me inspire you to take that leap of faith.

Mandy White Northcutt Travel Agency


"No worries" and "Take it easy" are a way of life here and the Caribbean has this certain vibe and energy that is impossible to explain. With white sand and warm blue waters is an amazing place to snorkel, scuba or just relax on the beach with a drink in your hand. The culture is rich, the coffee is strong and you cannot go home without trying the signature "limonada de coco", a fresh blend of coconut milk and lime juice.

Mandy White Northcutt Travel Agency Costa Rica

Costa Rica

Costa Rica is very adventurous yet truly incorporates the feeling of "Pura Vida." The locals are nice and helpful, the little towns seem almost untouched and the beaches are lined with monkeys and coconuts. From zip lining tours through the rainforest, whale watching boat excursions in the Pacific to ATV Volcano tours, Costa will definitely give you a rush.

Mandy White Northcutt Travel Agency Croatia


The country as a whole is captivating with its dramatic cliffs overlooking the crystal clear Adriatic sea. The buildings have beautiful stonework (this is where the Game of Thrones castles come from!) and bright, narrow alleyways. It is definitely a hidden gem.

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