Tanya Megale

Tanya lives in Kemah, Texas with her husband and 2 young children. Tanya and her husband had a destination wedding in Playa Del Carmen, Mexico and that sparked her love for travel and the beach. She knew she had to get in the travel industry to ensure others enjoyed their vacations and always remembered their special moments. She has a love for the Caribbean partially because she was married there so it holds near and dear.

When you entrust her with your vacation planning, her outgoing nature will go above and beyond to hand pick your wants and wishes for your travels.

Tanya Megale Northcutt Travel Agency

Playa Del Carmen

Playa is definitely my top because that is where my husband and I got married. On a roof top at sunset with the crystal blue waters in the background.

I’m thankful for that trip because it helped bloom my passion for traveling and working in the travel industry.

Tanya Megale Northcutt Travel Agency

Las Vegas

I can always feel a sense of childlike wonder when I visit Las Vegas because there’s really no rules there from Casinos to shows. You don’t have to try hard to have a good time because it magically happens.

I’ve been several times from teenage years to a couple of years ago and it’s always been a place of wonder and the bright lights evoke your inner child to explore.

It’s never disappointed and is always fun and adventurous.

Tanya Megale Northcutt Travel Agency


From the moment you arrive to the time you leave, your soul immediately envelopes with the rich culture, the wonderful locals and delicious cuisines.

A piece of my heart remains in Montego Bay from the indescribable sunsets, the carefree “no worries” attitudes to the crystal clear waters.

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