Patti Roznovak

Patti has been in the cruise industry for 7 yrs now. Shore operations for Carnival Cruise Line (7 yrs), Disney Cruise Line (3 yrs), and just started with Royal Caribbean. Patti loves everything about cruising and travel. As Patti worked in the cruise terminals and saw vacationers every day, she decided she wanted to do more by planning and ensuring the vacation of a lifetime for people. Below are Patti’s top favorite vacation spots.

Patti Roznovak Northcutt Travel Agency

London, England

I had a absolutely wonderful time getting to explore London. Out of everything there (and there’s a ton!), Buckingham Palace was by far my favorite and I recommend it to anyone wanting to adventure through England.


Disney Cruise

It’s no surprise that I love a great cruise. Disney cruises offer the luxury of cruising with the magic of Disney threaded throughout your entire trip.

Patti Roznovak Northcutt Travel Agency

Cruise to Alaska

Taking the Carnival Cruise ship to Alaska is by far one of my favorite cruise trips I’ve ever taken. There’s no way that pictures could capture even half of it’s beauty.

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