What It's Really Like to Fly United Polaris

What It's Really Like to Fly United Polaris Northcutt Travel Agency Shayla Northcutt

Being from Houston, we have our choice of carriers that want to be loyal. 

That for me personally has always been United- even before I helped people with travel!

Recently, I’ve had the opportunity to do a lot more international travel trips where I’ve gotten to experience some different seating arrangements.

When I flew back from Rome a few weeks ago, I choose to upgrade my seat to first class. It was my first Polaris first class experience on the B764. I have to say that the lie flat seats are something to rave about. While some have individual pods, this particular aircraft had two seats together, so I had someone next to me.

In order for the person next to me to get out, he had to step over me or I had to put up my seat for him to get over. Luckily he slept most of the time!

The Comforts of United Polaris

The bedding they provide are out of this world. You get a comforter, blanket, and two pillows including a memory foam one. Talk about flying in comfort and luxury!

I love the new amenity kits that you receive at each one of your chairs, as well and has everything you need for a flight duration. They include goggles and the spray mist for your face as well as socks for your feet.

They provide you with a large screen TV as well as headphones. Access to USB ports and outlets are all there at your fingertips to use for any device that you might have.

Once you’re all settled in and comfortable, the flight attendants come in for your pre-flight drink and your food order. Once in the air, the flight attendants come back to make sure everything is OK giving you another beverage and a warm assortment of nuts.

Before serving dinner, a warm towel is given to refresh your hands. On this flight I chose to do the manicotti and Italian wine. I couldn’t recommend it any higher.

Once dinner is over, they lower the overhead lights so you can rest. The level of comfort was even better than I had imagined.

United Gets Better

This past week I left out of Newark to Barcelona. I was upgraded from premium economy to premium plus. Let me tell you about these premium plus seats, or as you might see them referred to as, the purple seats. I like to refer to them as the old first class seats.

This particular aircraft was a 2-3-2 layout. Their spacious seats included a foot rest with seat power, a recline, and a little bit larger of a TV screen.

I was very happy with the seat and excited to fly in it until the flight attendant came and pulled me to Polaris class-thank you United! When I moved to the Polaris class in this particular aircraft- they had the single pods rather than the double ones I had flown with before. 

This was my first time to experience the single pods. I was in my own little world just flying to Spain without a care in the world. I love that the windows had dimmers but you still had a window and not a shade. I loved being in my own little pod and not being afraid I was going to disturb somebody when I got up to go to the bathroom or stretch my legs. It was just like I was in a Marriott hotel bed!

The service on this flight was nothing short of perfect. This flight I decided to go with the short ribs. I don’t think I’ve ever once gotten off of a plane and said to myself oh my gosh I’m craving that meal again but this one, my friends, was excellent.

I almost thought I was crazy to think so but when we got off everyone was talking about how wonderful the short ribs were. Pair of those with the great Spanish wine and it makes for that Polaris class worth every penny of the upgrade.

If you’re wondering if it’s worth it to upgrade to the United Polaris class, my question for you is, are you ready for the best airplane experience of your life?

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