Traveling to Antigua at Galley Bay Resort

I thought that I had seen some of the most beautiful water in the world, but I definitely have to say that being able to look down and just see the fish swimming was an amazing sight to see!

When I visited Antigua, I stayed at the fabulous Galley Bay Resort. Let me tell you about this little slice of heaven. This felt like more than just your average resort. Each staff member went above and beyond with warmth and care with every interaction. The manager was a true pleasure and even knew a lot of the guests by name as many travelers return annually for visits.

After a long day of air travel I usually like to get to my room and relax for about an hour before I start exploring, but as soon as I got to my room I was in awe! The accommodations were amazing but the view was absolutely breathtaking.

Activities When Traveling to Antigua at Galley Bay Resort

The staff that brought me to my room mentioned that snorkels and masks were provided for each guest. I changed into my suit, grabbed the masks, and headed down the stairs. In 5 steps I was on the beach.

There was a Coral Reef that was immediately out in the ocean, so the snorkeling was easily accessible. It was just an amazing experience to be able to walk straight out the door for hours of swimming in the ocean and snorkeling.

I enjoyed the snorkeling so much, it became a daily ritual-something I hadn’t even intended on doing in the first place!

Snorkeling was just one of the many water activities they had available. The best part about them is that they were included in the resort-no extra cost! If you’re worried about how to navigate a new water activity, no worries, their staff is there ready to guide and help you with whatever you need.

I went kayaking for the first time and I absolutely loved it. If you’ve never been, you totally have to try it. Not only is it fun, but it’s also a killer workout. The staff advised us on where to keep close and where it was safe to explore which made adventuring out on the kayaks even more exciting.

Traveling to Antigua at Galley Bay Resort

Eats and Treats When Traveling to Antigua at Galley Bay Resort

Food-that is a great question that I get about almost every resort. While I’m not a very picky eater, being allergic to seafood had me at first a bit apprehensive to eat in the Caribbean. I was pleasantly surprised when we went to dinner for the first night and they were having barbecue. The table was full of bbq pig, chicken, fish, and all sorts of amazing sides including coleslaw and corn on the cob-which I may have gone back for seconds or thirds for! I know. You’re a bit confused. What is special about coleslaw and corn on the cob. Well friend, I’m so glad you asked. Two words. Caribbean style. If you’ve never tried it, you have to! Your world will be forever changed. Sweet and tangy pieces of pineapple mixed in with crunchy delicious slaw and corn on the cob soaked in sweet cream- oohh I can almost taste it now!

Traveling to Antigua at Galley Bay Resort

Drinks When Traveling to Antigua at Galley Bay Resort

Usually following the question about food comes one about drinks. I mean after all, this is vacation! I am happy to say that they carry a higher end volume of alcoholic beverages and even some wine. They even have a cute little rum shack that we were able to go over to. There’s over 100 different rooms in this little rum shack. We did a tasting there one night and it was so fun!

The resort and all of its dining options had such an essence about it. Their staff was absolutely phenomenal. It was obvious that all of the staff truly enjoyed working there, which always make a huge difference throughout your stay.

Overall this trip was absolutely amazing and I can’t wait for our next trip there.

So what do you say? Do you think this is the year you’ll be traveling to Antigua and staying at the Galley Bay Resort?

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