The Top 10 Travel Essentials for Any Trip

The Top 10 Travel Essentials for Any Trip

We know-you’re super excited to travel the world-we’re excited with you! Because travel is kind of our thing, we’ve kind of got a good idea of what you’re going to be glad you packed! We have narrowed down our top 9 things we think you need in your suit case for your dream vacay.

1. KROSER Backpack - This bag is EVERYTHING – it is what I call a Mary Poppins bag. It is sleek enough to go over your arm at an event and the straps come out of the back to make is a handy back pack

Not to mention that it’s, water repellent and very travel friendly.

Travel Hack: I personally pack it inside of my large backpack so I have only one carry on.

2. Silicone Wedding Rings - They are a must for men and women when traveling. Not only do they “stretch” when you swell, the functionality of having them when you are on adventures is less worry-some.

3. APIE Portable Wireless Outdoor Bluetooth Speaker  -This Bluetooth speaker is a must for jamming out when you are getting ready in your room or you want to jam to your fav podcast. The best part? It’s waterproof!

4. Open Front Poncho -Any wrap is great but I especially like this one because it is lightweight enough and heavy enough to be completely versatile and stylish

5. Portable Charger- I own about 10 power banks and this has to be in my top 2! It powers with the same lightning cord that you use to power up your iPhone. With 4 ports it is a life saver with multi-person travel

6. Super Soft Neck Support Travel Pillow- This one may seem obvious but, I have tried them all and by far this is the lightest and easiest one to travel with. I love the size and the functionality of it especially on LONG flights. Plus it’s machine washable!

The Top 10 Travel Essentials for Any Trip

7. Outlet Travel Power Strip Surge Protector- There is nothing worse than one plug in a hotel room or cabin. This is something that has saved our lives (battery life that is!) more times than I can count.

8. TSA Laptop Backpack- This beast carries it ALL. If I were to show you all of the things I had in every nook and cranny of this bag – you would be amazed and it’s my go-to carry on!

9. MediTac Extra Heavy Moleskin- I keep a roll of this in my bag at all times. It’s great for sore spots on feet. I’m always amazed with how each place in the world affects your feet differently. This saves the hot spots that might arise.

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