Why Barcelona Needs to Be Your Next Trip

Why Barcelona Needs to Be Your Next Trip

I always say that each place I travel to can bring me to my knees in awe of wonder of what an amazing world we live in. With each piece I see I am so humbled by my experiences and wish to share them with each and every person. My latest wonder had me in Barcelona and I’m over the moon excited to share with you why it needs to be on your bucket list!

Culture and churches

From the incredible art to the gorgeous chapels, the history that thrives in this city is at every turn.
Walking into the cathedral in Barcelona will bring to you an emotional state whether you are religious or not. The beauty of the stain glass and sculptures are beyond moving.

There are definite must-see-sites that we can help you arrange not only in the city but all around Spain as day trips such as the Monserrat or Sitges are an easy trip to make!


The beach in Barcelona is very popular for fitness, surfing, and water sports. Laying on the beach is sure to be fun and full of activities. Some of our partners even offer the catamaran rides and yacht charters.


La Rambla among other special areas are the best for local shopping in the markets. We were so kindly pointed in the right shopping area where the locals go and found some of the neatest boutiques!


Artists have influenced the spirit of many aspects throughout the city. In fact, the whole experience at the parque Güell is inspired and built by the famous artist and architect, Gaudí, who was very religious. Going through the city, it felt almost like he had created God’s work in the buildings. 

The Olympic village from 1992 rebuilt the city. Most people don’t know that the skyline wasn’t nearly what it is now before the Olympic Games. Being the host city, meant a boost in the economy and helped to put this gorgeous destination as a more prominent tourist destination. 


I got to visit several amazing Marriott properties while I was visiting! From the smallest boutique factory turned hotel at the cotton house to the Ritz Carlton - Hotel Arts!

Check out my blog post on the W Barcelona (one of my favorite places to stay)!

Food and Wine

Tapas, tapas, tapas!
From the amazing sauced potatoes to the Burrata and croquettes, there was never a lack of want for the amazing small bites that we experienced. I’m personally allergic to seafood so I didn’t get to try the paella that others raved about, but what I did get to indulge in some amazing steak.

I also had the opportunity to visit the most amazing estate at the Torres winery. This winery has a beautiful museum and we were presented with beautiful white and red wine tastings. I loved their red blend so much that I bought a half a case to meet my arrival back home.

Overall, this amazing destination can definitely take up a full week with all of the day trips that you can make from Barcelona!

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